Paul W. Perkins-The Ring
Dr. O. art drawing 101together shots/ art drawingsNow/ art drawingsThe Tunnel/ art drawingsFor Opening/ art drawingsMy Barn / art drawingscop / art drawingsupside down 73/ art drawingsand it came from/ art drawingsway to go/ art drawingsUnhappy/ art drawingsBig/ art drawingsdown town OKC./art drawingsshe waved good bye/ art drawingsin your face good old Dick/ art drawingsis that it/ art drawingsto see a stranger/ art drawingsthere she go/ art drawingsUntitled/ art drawingsone heart beats as one/ art drawingsUntitled/ art drawingsthe finish, chop-off their heads/ art drawingsI never did/ art drawingsgood for me/ art drawingsSorry,spending money/ art drawingsUntitled/ art drawingsstuff between God and This/ art drawingstogether shots/ art drawings
Dr. Oppenheimer art drawing
RM. 1946