Paul W. Perkins-The Ring
Monkey Act: Jeffery Driskill & Paul W. Perkins
Appropriated Image for Monkey Act
(From a coloring book)
Monkey Act was collaboration between me, Paul W. Perkins and Jeff Driskill. Our work together was a life-style, we organized our lives, physically with-in a process of creating, small to enormous objects made from manly non-biodegradable particles of waste and clear plastic packing tape. We also created performances, videos and audio works. Our work/discipline combined sculpture, performance, collage and video and lasted 3-4 years. Jeff and I were ambitious. We talked of creating a Roller Coaster out of plastic tape and any material that could be recycled, what would be normally called waste if we let it. Not only were we creating mass structures to build with, we also saw these objects on a microscopic level; the materials were everything from disregarded phone books to bubblegum wrappers that created continuous collages from the inside-out of a structures. Jeff and I are childhood friends from Oklahoma City. We talked as teenagers of one day moving to Chicago and studying at the Art Institute. We had arrived. Well, we both fold out how really humble our backgrounds were, when Momma would send you a sixty-five dollar check and you have no job and are in school full time. It took a little time as roommates figure out how and what we should do about how to become serious practicing artists with no money. When we did figure-out how to practice on the level we wanted to, it was off the hook, or I should say you were required to be a bit rugged, sleeping with bugs, in so many words. We thought of life as one big performance, collecting and creating a world within a world. The circus chimpanzee was on a quest to make sense out of the world surrounding him, to redecorate the hat us human animals wear called waste. The collaboration and friendship isn't over, there’s talk of new work between Jeff and I. The Chimp will live again.
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